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SamadhiSound news update, 28.01.08 [01 Feb 2008|12:22pm]


For those of you who weren't able to attend the recent David Sylvian tour we bring good news.

We have a very limited number of the beautifully produced "The World Is Everything" tour book currently being shipped to our warehouse which is now available for pre-order in our online store. Click here to purchase.

The tour book is hard-backed with full colour quality printing and contains photographs taken by David, song lyrics, credits for the tour itself, and a sampler CD featuring a selection from the artists on Samadhisound. The sampler includes two tracks by David unavailable elsewhere entitled 'The World Is Everything' and 'Sleepwalkers'.

The tracklisting for the sampler is:

1. David Sylvian - The World Is Everything
2. Thomas Feiner And Anywhen - Siren Song
3. Harold Budd - Chrysalis Nu
4. Steve Jansen Feat Tim Elsenburg - Sleepyard
5. David Sylvian - Sleepwalkers
6. Nine Horses - Atom And Cell
7. Akira Rabelais - 1382 Wycliff Gen. Ii 7
8. Nine Horses - Get The Hell Out (Remix)
9. Masakatsu Takagi Feat David Sylvian - Exit / Delete
10. Harold Budd - Templar
11. David Toop - Heating And Cooling - Edit

As we've had many inquiries from people interested in purchasing a copy of the book since the tour ended we anticipate demand will be high and the edition is strictly limited and in short supply. The price will be $40.00 (plus postage and packing).

We won't have the book available for a few weeks yet but we'll be accepting pre-orders in our store from today. They will be shipped as soon as they arrive at our warehouse.

Thanks for your interest,
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David Sylvian night [30 Sep 2007|01:29am]

On the air now: a David Sylvian night on the Dutch Concertzender ( http://www.concertzender.nl/?language=en ). It started 30 minutes ago, five and a half more hours to go. If you click on "listen live" at the top of the web page a new window opens with the media player and also a playlist.

Hopefully some of you are able to listen :)
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major bummer crosspost. [10 Sep 2007|04:00pm]

Clock On Five's "Theme From Furyo" is _not_ the late 80s house version of "Forbidden Colours" i heard on B96 in Chicago at 11pm on a Tuesday night in 1998 or 1999.

it was instrumental, about 120 bpm, and sounded _very_ 1989 house-ey. i think the melody was played on some kind of shitty sampled piano from like a D-50 or something.

does ANYONE know what i'm talking about? i'm terrified it was some sort of hyper-rare dub plate or white label (with a completely different name) at this point.

EDIT: is it possible i heard the b-side of the "We love you" single? here's some info about it:

5 Dec 1990 CDM We Love You

We Love You 4.55 [remix # 2 by David Durell]
Strong Relax 2.02 [NEC campaign song]
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - Drives R.S. 7.34 [remixed by RS] (VJCP-1417)
Track 2 recorded at Platinum Island Studio in N.Y.
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News From Samadhisound - 6/12/06 [08 Dec 2006|12:41am]

[ mood | tired ]

Subject: News From Samadhisound
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 22:44:49 -0000


Quite a lot of news from samadhisound this week, largely connected to the
forthcoming Nine Horses mini-album “Money For All” which is out on January
22nd (January 30th in the USA).

Hear The Music

We have added some mp3 samples to the Nine Horses jukebox at
http://www.ninehorses.com , but if hearing samples isn’t enough for you, then we
are streaming the entire title track “Money For All” at our Myspace site.
You can click here to go and hear it now:


Whilst you are there you can also hear an edit of one of the pieces taken
from David Toop’s album “Sound Body” which will be released in February


We have also just added the Nine Horses mini-album to the samadhisound shop
as a pre-order today.

Gift Certificates

It is now possible to buy Gift Certificates from the samadhisound store.
These can be redeemed against anything in the shop. There is a minimum
starting price of $10.00, but then it is up to the purchaser to choose the
value of the certificate. The Gift Certificate (and its unique identity
number) is then e-mailed to the recipient.

You simply enter the code to redeem the voucher.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget that there is now a samadhisound
podcast available to listen to via iTunes, which is a selection of music
from the samadhisound catalogue.

Thanks for reading


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[24 Nov 2006|10:40am]

[ mood | content ]

We are pleased to announce the upload of the first samadhisound podcast.
The podcast is a downloadable file that includes a number of tracks from
the samadhisound catalogue (along with artwork and direct links to the
artist pages), which can be played in your music software application
(iTunes / Winamp etc..).

Subscription to the podcast is also available so
that whenever a new one is added you will be automatically informed. The
podcast is akin to a short samadhisound radio show, playing a selection of
material from the label that you might not have already heard.

This first podcast includes material from David, Harold Budd, Derek Bailey,
and a taster of one of the new Nine Horses songs from the forthcoming

You can access the podcast here:

The samadhisound podcast will shortly be available directly from iTunes via
their podcast pages.

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Sylvian in Sunday New York Times [18 Sep 2006|11:35am]

[ mood | excited ]

September 17, 2006

A Man for This Season


‘Dress down for the stage, dress up for life,” offers David Sylvian, the musician, composer and vocalist whose pensive approach to art and life has taken him along many counterintuitive paths. A fashion icon who defined the “beautiful boy” style of the early 1980’s, Sylvian now wants his listeners’ attention focused solely on his music, while offstage he still indulges his love of beautiful clothes.

The original article can be found here.

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A samadhisound newsletter for you [01 Sep 2006|06:27pm]

We have recently put up a myspace page here:
We'll be changing the tracks on there periodically, but please come by
and add yourself as a "friend".

Nine Horses 'Money For All' EP - November release
November will see the release of an extended play cd from David Sylvian,
Steve Jansen, and Burnt Friedman's band 'Nine Horses'. It will feature
two new tracks, 'Money For All' (the title of the ep), co-written by
David and Burnt and 'Get the hell out' by Steve and David. The ep will
also feature remixes and interpretations by Burnt of 3 tracks from the Nine Horses album 'Snow Borne Sorrow' (The Banality Of Evil, Wonderful World, and Serotonin) and alternative versions of the
two new tracks plus the Japanese only released bonus track 'Birds Sing For Their Lives' with Stina Nordenstam.

Derek Bailey - 'To Play: The Blemish Sessions'
We're excited to announce the release of derek bailey's last solo studio
recording. This session took place at david's instigation as part of
what was to become the 'Blemish' recordings sessions. Derek recorded
about an hours worth of material that day in Feb 03 at the Moat studio,
London. David believed this session to be of an extremely high standard
and hoped to eventually make it publicly available. With Derek's passing
on Christmas day of last year the recordings have taken on an added
poignancy but it's the quality of the work, regardless of context, which
is truly outstanding. Mixed by david in 2006 the album, entitled 'to
play: the blemish sessions', is an extraordinarily intimate,
conversational, recording of Derek at the peak of his powers.
The release date is set for September 11th. We will have the digital
download available one week prior to that date on September 4th. One of
the pieces is online at Myspace.

Steve Jansen to perform in Japan
Steve has confirmed live dates in japan this september:
25.09 LIQUID ROOM (Tokyo)
27.09 Namba HATCH (Osaka)
30.09 Shyowa Women's University Hitomi Memorial Hall (Tokyo)
02.10 Sendai Mediatheque (Sendai)
04.10 ICC (Tokyo)
08.10 Sonarsound Tokyo at Ebisu Garden Hall (Tokyo)

for details in depth visit stevejansen.com
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David Sylvian CD's to be re-issued. [25 May 2006|07:37pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

I don't know whether you have already heard about this.  If so, I apologize for being repetitive.

Article here.

It seems several artists will be reissuing their catalogue this year, doesn't it?

Edit:  Oh! And Japan's catalogue will also be re-released by EMI. ^_^

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From Myspace; [10 May 2006|10:16am]

There is a new forum for Japan and David Sylvian. I am hoping you will sign up! There are many features in this new forum:

- Live chat room
- Large Japan/Sylvian gallery that YOU can upload to!
- Personal galleries
- Private messaging
- User defined polls
- Custom avatars
- And more!

Please stop by and sign up! And be sure to tell all of your friends...

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Sylvian videos on YouTube [09 Apr 2006|08:44pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

I was just introduced to YouTube a few weeks ago, and have since discovered some Sylvian and Japan videos I've never seen before. For example, here's Japan on OGWT playing 'Cantonese Boy' - http://youtube.com/watch?v=nMNUaSRHzWE

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From Samadhisound [09 Apr 2006|03:51pm]

We are very pleased to be making Akira Rabelais' remarkable album ‘Spellewauerynsherde’, available as a full album download.

Spellewauerynsherde: Spell. Wavering. Shard. Spell as in speaking, incantation, a digitally constructed matrix of words and voices, summoning up a strange, distant past. Wavering: the shivering of those voices as they dissolve and recombine in Rabelais’ rich filtering systems, turning into pulsating, frequency rich drones. Shard: fragments, of voices, of ideas, of memories, of the past, brought back to life again.

Spellewauerynsherde is built up from found sounds, field recordings of traditional Icelandic accapella lament songs recorded in the late 1960s or early 1970s on Ampex tapes and then forgotten about. After discovering the neglected tapes, cleaning them up and digitizing them for a library, Rabelais became fascinated with the heartbreaking sadness of the voices and began to think of them as source material for a series of compositions. samadhisound released the album originally in 2004 to critical acclaim:

“Spellewauerynsherde breathes sublimity through your CD player circuits.” The Wire
“The atmospherics are expertly crafted, with an incredible sense of dimension between the filtered frequencies and platforms of sound; but it’s the use of the vocals that give the album such a unique feel.” Barcodezine

"Rabelais combines them into musical forms reminiscent of wreaths winding and unwinding in slow, endless motion.”

As with all of our downloads the files are accompanied by a cover image, and the full album download will also include a pdf credit sheet and artwork by Chris Bigg.

To go to our download shop please click here:
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'Wonderful World' Single Released [25 Mar 2006|05:59pm]

Nine Horses single 'wonderful world' will be available from our website today in advance of its official
retail release on Monday.

‘wonderful world’ is the first single release to be taken from the acclaimed Nine Horses album ‘snow borne sorrow’. It features a previously unreleased composition, ‘when monday comes around’, along with a radio edit version of 'wonderful world'.

For more info on the single and to purchase now please visit:
and follow 'the samadhi shop' link. Those orders received in time will be dispatched from LA today.
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David's photography [24 Mar 2006|09:05pm]

There are two new albums of David's photography on www.davidsylvian.com .

Does his photography influence your perception of David as an artist, a person?

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Harold Budd - 'Avalon Sutra' [23 Mar 2006|05:46pm]

Harold Budd's acclaimed album, 'Avalon
Sutra’, is now available for the first time as a full album download.
Originally released as a 2 CD package, we are also making available the
entire 2nd disc ('As Long As I Hold My Breath') which was a remarkable
remix by another samadhisound artist 'Akira Rabelais'. You can choose to
download both discs or simply the full album. Each track is also available
as an individual download.
As with all of our downloads the files are accompanied by a cover image.
The full album download also includes a pdf credit sheet and artwork by
Chris Bigg.

You can reach it here at:
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sad news [26 Feb 2006|11:09am]

[ mood | sad ]

The fantastic davidsylvian.net is now closed. :(

Does anyone know the reason behind it? Apart from the fact that the maintainer (Gerrit, was it?) has had enough?

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Birthday boy [23 Feb 2006|02:27am]

[ mood | calm ]

It's David's birthday today! =]  (February 23rd)

May he have a very happy birthday!

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WEATHER BOX + Other Japan/Sylvian Items For Sale. Serious Seller! [03 Feb 2006|06:26am]

WEATHER BOX + Other Japan/Sylvian Items For Sale. Serious Seller!

Check out my site for list of my Japan/Sylvian items for sale with pictures and prices:


E-mail me for any questions: stardustbea1@yahoo.com

Thanks a lot!

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From Remember the Eighties.com [10 Feb 2006|02:08am]

Japan will release a definitive retrospective album, 'The Very best Of Japan', on March 27th. The album will be the first Japan collection to feature material recorded for the Hansa label as well as for the Virgin label. On the same date the band will release a DVD of the same name featuring seven promo videos and the band's 1983 'Oil On Canvas' show.


Ghosts (Single Version)
I Second That Emotion (Remix)
Quiet Life (7" Version)
Gentlemen Take Polaroids (Single Edit)
The Art Of Parties (Single Version)
Visions Of China
Taking Islands In Africa (Nye Remix)
European Son (Remix)
Cantonese Boy
Life In Tokyo (Special Remix)
Methods Of Dance
All Tomorrow's Parties (Remix)
Canton - Live
Ghosts (Album Version)
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From the Mailing List [31 Jan 2006|08:59pm]


We are very pleased to be making the David’s solo album ‘Blemish’ available
as a full album download for the first time. This was in fact the first
release on samadhisound in 2003.

The full album download features a BONUS TRACK which was originally only
available on the Japanese CD version of the album. The additional track is
entitled “Trauma”. As well as the full album download (and bonus track),
the tracks will also be available as individual, single downloads.

As with all of our downloads the files are accompanied by a cover image,
and the full album download will also include a pdf credit sheet and
artwork by Chris Bigg.

Thanks for reading

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New track, new tour, new single, new re-issues... [27 Jan 2006|10:58pm]

Posted on: Sunday January 22, 2006

Nine Horses' Snow Borne Sorrow is being released in Japan on 22nd Feb (cat number IECP10002). It will be a digipack release with one bonus track called: Birds Sing For Their Lives.

New track
Nine Horses' Snow Borne Sorrow is being released in Japan on 22nd Feb (cat number IECP10002). It will be a digipack release with one bonus track called: Birds Sing For Their Lives.

New tour?
Although David's management repeats David's words that he is not planning a tour for this year, Italian promoter Barley Arts published in the latest issue of the Italian magazine "Rockstar" an ad where they announced a concert of David.

Barley Arts said they'll be able to give more info in February and that it's a David Sylvian- and not a "Nine Horses" tour.

Also on the Muz Magazine website it is mentioned amongst its concert listing:

New single?
As published in Robert Fripp's diary of January, 12th 2006:

18.08 The Vicar has dropped by and is in SoundWorld I mastering a David Sylvian to be included on a single.

We have no further information about this 'single'. Is it a Fripp or a Sylvian or a Fripp/Sylvian one?

New re-issues
According to Holger Czukay, a remastered version of Plight & Premonition will be released in 2006. Flux & Mutability will follow in 2007.
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